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Thuan Phat Supermarket

Some people find grocery-shopping a nuisance, but I actually really enjoy it.  I love cruising down the fresh produce section looking for rare finds or just smelling the aromatic cilantro or mint leaves… gives me ideas for new recipes!  As wet and smelly as it is in the seafood section, I like to poke at...

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Hanger Tea Shirts

I can’t imagine that this wasn’t thought of long ago but isn’t it genius?!  The designer, Soon Mo Kang, reinvents the packaging of tea bags in assorted colors for different flavors.  Now… the next question is… where to buy there?!

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Bay Cities Delicious Sandwiches

I love me some deli sandwiches… but the only other one I’ll animalistically devour is my own.  I make a mean deli sandwich with all the fixins!  Kudos to myself aside… Bay Cities makes awesome gourmet sammiches (as I like to call them).  My sister introduced me to this place years ago and if it...

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