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Lucky Boy Drive-In Restaurant – Pasadena

So hungry that you can eat a small child?  Well head on over to Lucky Boy Burgers ( or Lucky Boy Drive-In Restaurant if you can say a mouthful).  The Matador and I head out this way just for their breakfast burritos which comes in the size of a toddler.  Maybe just a tad smaller. ...

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Pie ‘n Burger

You’d think that if you went to a restaurant named Pie ‘n Burger that you’d at least try their pie or their burger… nope.  Missy here and her Matador only came here for their fabulicious breakfast… thin buttery pancakes and extra crispy thick bacon with perfectly toasted slices of heavenly bread.  After years of indulging in their early...

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Father’s Office

I would probably get virtual-egged by you all for saying this but Father’s Office is completely overrated!  They have a good burger… it’s a little different… and their sweet potato fries are great… steak is mediocre… I just don’t see getting in line like you’re at the new hottest club in town for this food....

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