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El Taco Nazo – La Habra

My brother and the Matador had visited Taco Nazo some time before I eventually did.  They loved it.  They raved about it… and even dreamed about it.  Must be some place, I thought.  Being me and loving variety, we ordered an eyeful from the menu… fish-battered tacos, shrimp-battered tacos, shrimp ceviche, beef taquitos, and other...

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Tito’s Tacos

Contrary to what the Matador would like to believe, I actually like Tito’s tacos.  I just don’t think they’re the best tacos on the planet.  They’re as authentic Mexican as orange chicken is Chinese.  The delicious tomato blend is just that… yummy quasi-gazpacho.  Salsa requires spice to some degree.  They’re simply hard-shelled beef tacos with the usual basic...

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