Umami Burger – Los Angeles

Umami!   You’ve totally swept me off my feet and left an everlasting taste in my mouth only to want more of you!  How can any other burger compare?  Your buns are unbelievably soft, fluffy and full of flavors.  Gosh, that was a quasi tongue-twister.  Your patty is so fresh and crumbly and cooked to perfection.  Tell me… what did they put in you?  Don’t worry, it can be our little secret!  That flattened piece of cheese that’s calling out for attention had me eating cheese in a burger with no twist of my arm.  And what was that delicious onion mess in you??  You look so small and simple but have so much to offer!  And your friend… the one they call “Hatch,” he’s got a bit of an attitude carrying around those four green chiles.  That’s alright Hatch… ’spicy’ is my middle name.   

So listen… looks like I’m gonna have to bring down my man so he can see how you guys measure up.  Regardless, I’ll be seeing you soon!  Oh and make sure some of those sweet potato fries are around when we visit… need some of that sweetness to complement your savory tastes. 

Umami Burger
850 S La Brea Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 931-3000

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angela - i looked again, damn it! i think we need to meet up at this place—soon w/ the hubs! looks so freakin’ yummy.

The Matador - All I can say is, “Damn!!!”

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