Angus and Julia Stone

It is with honor that I introduce you to my new favorite duo… Angus and Julia Stone.

Angus and Julia are brother and sister and originated from Newport, Australia.  The duo started their musical endeavors together in early 2006.  Before then, they mostly performed as solo artists at open mic nights.  They have very distinctive vocal styles and write their own material which you’ll find are pretty impressive.  Julia’s voice is a bit reminiscent of the likes of Feist or Meiko… soft and airy yet fractured at times.  Angus has this gentle romantic smokey tone… oh and the acoustic compositions… *sigh*

I usually pick a song to feature alongside its respective band on this blog but I just couldn’t with Angus and Julia.  They’re one of those far-and-few in-between groups whose albums are filled with hits.  To name just a handful… Bella, Private Lawns, Just a Boy, Big Jet Plane, Paper Aeroplane….

I drift off in far away daydreams every time I listen to them and am always left in a happy mood. 

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The Matador - I love these guys!

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