Random things about me…

I’m a hopeless foodie. I love everything about food… the ingredients, the preparation, the cheffing, the plating, the meals, the people, the restaurants, the reviews….

Most people can’t have just one Lay’s potato chip… Flammin’ Hot Cheetos are my Lays. I only hate that they stain my fingers. Makes you look guilty as charged… no way in denying it. “Have you been in a bag of Hot Cheetos?” “ No!” “ Lemme see your fingers!” I like the first bite of it where I taste its tanginess and I get screw-faced. I like that after about 10 pieces, my tongue burns so bad that I have to open my mouth, let my tongue just float inside and let the air hit it to cool it off.

I love the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I like to watch them with subtitles on so that I can properly learn and pronounce all the names. I have all three movies, the Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit board game, Middle Earth for Dummies book, Middle Earth Atlas, and Middle Earth A-Z. Surprisingly enough, I do not own the books which I will get sometime in the near future:)I think Tolkien is brilliant and I’m fascinated by this fantasy world he’s created.

I am a comic book/superhero/sci-fi movie freak. I would watch one of those over a romantic comedy any day. Super-powers, aliens, CGIs… bring it on!

Function over fashion. If I never have to dress up again, I would be a happy woman. I could live and work and dance and sleep in sweats and a t-shirt. I know… I’m a girl and I should love getting dolled up to go out but seriously… if they had a wedding gown made out of white jersey I would walk down the aisle in it. I’ll throw on a bit of makeup… but a weekend for me usually includes leggings, a tee, boots and a scarf/sweater. It’s LA man… you can look posh in anything right?!

Speaking of boots… I have a major boot fetish. I probably visit,,,… 3-5 times a week. When I go boot shopping… I never buy just one pair at a time. I once bought 5 pairs of boots in one sitting. The Matador got me Hunter rain boots one summer and it didn’t rain for a year so I just combined them with an outfit and called it a faux rainy day. I have boots sitting at home collecting dust because of my post-baby feet I can’t fit into them anymore… however I’m hoping my feet will shrink or the boots will stretch.

I was majorly addicted to Carmex… I’m now clean. I hate lipstick… I only wear lip balm/gloss. I went to a MAC counter once to buy some gloss and the MAC chick gave me a tissue and asked me to wipe off my ‘lipstick’. HHHH!!! *That was me gasping* After reassuring her that I didn’t have any lipstick on and that it was just Carmex… she wiped it off herself! Biotch!

I have an astigmatism so I’m supposed to wear glasses… but I look super nerdy in them so I only wear them in my office when I’m working and take them off when I leave the office. People coming down the hall towards my office think I’m arrogant because they’ll smile at me from afar but I’d have no idea who they are.

I could live on Vietnamese food for the rest of my life. I don’t know how anyone could live without nuoc mam. I could literally have nuoc mam with anything… just like I can have ketchup with anything.

I have an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder). If I’m walking down the street on a paved sidewalk and I happen to step on the break in the cement with my left foot… my next step has to be my right foot on the next break in the cement. It’s gotta be even on both sides of my body. It’s really really weird. Those black and white checkered floors in some establishments just kill me!

I can’t eat or drink out of reusable plastic. That’s probably another OCD. I can’t even drink out of those water bottles with the sports tops. Ewww. There’s a smell and taste in plastic that makes me gag.

I don’t like roses. I like wildflowers. Tulips are as conventional as I’ll get when it comes to flowers. I’d much rather get a bouquet of lavender… mmmmmmmm.

I hate my right profile.

I like to have my dessert before dinner… yeah, that went over really well in Italy! Got some scowls for that from the Italianos.

When I go into a store… be it Target or the mall… I like to walk it starting clockwise. Walking counter-clock-wise throws me off and I feel all out of sorts. Probably another OCD.

I have an obsession with perfection. Everything I do must be perfect or at least close to. For me to slap my name on something… it’s gotta be soph-presentable. It’s great most times but sometimes it’s just exhausting.

I can’t have cheese on my burgers or sandwiches or salads. I can have cheese by itself… cheese pizza… grilled cheese sandwiches… but not cheese on burgers or sandwiches or salads.

I have a passion for all that is art.

Last but not least… I have impeccable taste:)

And the million dollar question… who is the Matador?!  The Matador is my husband and partner is crime!